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Training and Operational histories of the Bomber, Fighter, Recon and Transport groups and squadrons
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Airfields used by the Eighth Air Force for training and operations in the US and UK
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Missions, maps, dates and photographs of targets of the Eighth Air Force
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View Eighth Air Force missions for a specific date

Today's Missions (17 Aug 1942-1945)

Date Name Description
August 17, 1942VIII BC 1Rail target and diversion Details
August 17, 1943VIII ASC 23Airfields in France Details
August 17, 1943VIII BC 84Aviation and industrial targets in Germany Details
August 17, 1943VIII FC FO 106Escort and support for heavy bombers Details
August 17, 1943VIII PRPhoto recon France Details
August 17, 19448AF 558 AZONAzon missiles dropped on the Les Foulous, France rail bridge Details
August 17, 19448AF 559BATTY TV bomb on the port area at La Pallice, France. Details
August 17, 19448AF 560Night Leaflet Operation Aug 17/18 1944 Details
August 17, 1944CB August 17/18, 1944Carpetbagger mission Details
August 17, 1944Night Leaflet OperationNight leaflet operation; August 17/18, 1944 Details
August 17, 1944Other OperationsPhoto recon; scouting; weather recon; ASR; radio-relays Details
August 17, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 559, fighter-bomber ops Details