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Ford and GM - Antwerp, Belgium

Target Category: Industry - vehicles
GM: Established in 1924, the Antwerp plant was the second General Motors factory outside North America. In 1932, because of the bad economic situation, the French and German divisions of General Motors in 1932 merged with the Belgian division. During the Second World War the factory was destroyed by Allied bombing. After the war land was purchased for a new factory. Production of Chevrolets began again in 1948. (wikipedia) FORD: Founded in in 1922 under British auspices, the Antwerp plant was proposed by Heny Ford himself. The plant assembled automobiles with parts produced in the US as well as England. Ford outgrew its original location on the rue Dubois and moved to bottom land on the bank of the Scheldt in 1931. In 1940, Germany occupied Belgium. The plant converted to the production of military trucks of which Edsel Ford himself approved. It was not until Pearl Harbor that Ford stopped shipping parts from Detroit. After liberation in 1944, the almost undamaged Antwerp plant built jeeps and trucks for the Allies. After the war, the plant went back to producing civilian Ford cars and trucks.
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1943-04-05 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 50
1943-05-04 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 54
1943-05-14 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 56
1943-06-22 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 65