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Larz Flugplatz - Rechlin, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Opened in 1917 as a military airfield, after the war, it was a civilian field. In 1933, the military took over again. In the late thirties two concrete runways were built as well as a forced-laborer camp where prisoners from Ravensbruck concentration camp were housed. An exhibition in 1943 showcased almost every German aircraft in service at the time: Ju-88 G1, S3 Ju-88, Ju-388, He-177 B5, Do-335, Ta-154, Ta-152, He-219, Ar-234, Me-410, Hs -219, Me-109, He-219, Me-262 and Me-163. In addition, captured Allied aircraft were displayed: B-17F, B-24, P-47, P-51, P-38, Avro Lancaster, Mosquito, Typhoon, Spitfire. From mid-1944, it conducted tests with the new jet aircraft Me-262, Ar-234 and He-162. Following a bombing on 25 August 1944, all testing was moved away from Larz. There were experiments with other aircraft including the Fi-103 Reichenberg III, a manned version of the V1 and Projekt Mistletoe, a Ju-88 with a fighter (Me-109 and Fw-190) carried on its back. In the last two years of the war relatively many different organizations were stationed on the court, often for a very short time. Among them were: II./JG4, II./JG7, Stab/JG11, I./JG11, III./JG11 and 8./ZG26. The last air raid took place on 10 April 10 1945 when US B-24 bombers almost completely destroyed the base. The few remnants were blown up by the remaining German troops and destroyed before the Soviets moved in on 2 May 1945. After the war it was a Soviet airbase. In 1997 it opened again as a civilian airfield. There is a museum on site.
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1944-05-24 8th AF 367
1944-08-25 8th AF 570
1945-04-10 8th AF 938
1945-04-10 8th AF 938