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  - Schwabisch-Hall, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
The airbase Schwabisch Hall was constructed 1934-1936 and housed the German Pilot School. The design of the buildings was made resemble civilian use. During the war a number of different organizations with different types of aircraft were stationed here. At the beginning of the war Schw?bisch Hall was one of the take-off bases for attacks on France. After the successful conclusion of the Western campaign Schw?bisch Hall was used mainly for rear duties including training of crews for remote missiles Fritz X and HS 293. In 1943, a 1,800m runway was built. In April 1944, training began for the jet Me 262. In a nearby forest, the aircraft were assembled. Following months of bombing, the raid of 22 March 1945 completely destroyed the base. Near the end of the war, a pilot flew a Me 262 to an American-held base. This was the first intact Me 262 to fall into Allied hands. It was tested at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. On 19 April 1945, Schwabisch Hall was taken by American troops. In 1947 it was renamed Dolan Barracks by the US military. In 1993, the US left and the site is of mixed-use, both business and aviation.
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1944-09-13 8th AF 628
1945-02-23 8th AF 843
1945-02-25 8th AF 847
1945-03-22 8th AF 906