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Handorf - Munster, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Construction was started in 1935 and was completed in 1937. Although attacked several times by Allied bombers, the damage and destruction never led to a complete cessation of air operations. On 3 April 1945, German military units destroyed as much as possible ahead of advancing American troops, who occupied the airfield 5 April 1945. After the war, it was under British rule and housed refugees, orphans and the elderly in undamaged or easily-repaired buildings. Today the site serves as a training area.
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1944-03-23 8th AF 275
1944-04-08 8th AF 291
1944-05-30 8th AF 380
1944-08-15 8th AF 554
1944-09-30 8th AF 655
1944-10-02 8th AF 658; 8th AF 659
1944-10-05 8th AF 665
1945-03-21 8th AF 901, 902, 903, 904