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  - Wittmundhafen, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Construction on an airship base began at the site in 1916 after a forest fire cleared a large area. Two 250m long hangars were built. Unlike most other airship bases, Wittmundhafen had no gas plant. Gas for airships had to be trucked in from 25 km away. After World War I, the base was demilitarized and the airship hangars destroyed. In 1938, the military built three concrete runways of the then usual triangular shape. It hosted fighters early in the war. In 1944, the new rocket fighter Messerschmitt Me 163 "Komet" was here. The east-west runway was extended to 1,800 meters. Three large hangars were built, disguised as agricultural buildings. In late 1944, a squadron of Heinkel He 111 bomber, converted to carry V1 rockets, operated from Wittmundhafen. The field was bombed several times. The heaviest raid took place 21 March 1945. The airfield was so badly damaged that operations became impossible. After the war, once again the airfield was demilitarized. Many buildings and facilities were demolished and the runways removed. It returned to agriculture until 1959 when a NATO airbase was contracted on the site.
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1944-08-15 8th AF 554
1945-03-21 8th AF 901, 902, 903, 904
1945-03-24 8th AF 911