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  - Vechta, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Built in 1932 for civil aviation. From 1938, it was a military base. Initially it had only one concrete runway of 600 meters in length and hosted fighter squadrons. In October 1940, Group I of the Vechta night fighter squadron arrive at the field, remaining until 1944. They were equipped with the Messerschmitt Bf 110 and later with the Dornier Do 217 and Junkers Ju 88C. In March 1945, a heavy bombing by the U.S. Air Force led to extensive destruction of facilities. Flight operations at Vechta was stopped. In the postwar period the facilities of the air base were removed. The barracks and many buildings in the flight operations area were demolished. During the Cold War it was a military base again. Today, little trace of the airbase remains, with residential and businesses covering the area.
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1944-08-15 8th AF 554
1945-02-03 8th AF 817
1945-03-24 8th AF 911