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  - Tutow, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
The airbase was built starting in 1932 as a location of a flight school and became a model for flight training facilities in Germany. In rapid succession, teaching and training premises, accommodation, workshops and sports facilities are being built all to the latest standards. 24 buildings were connected with central heating and were equipped with running hot and cold water - at a time when many homes did not have such amenities. In addition to the deployment of various organizations during the war, it was also host to the Arado final assembly plant of the Fw 190 that had moved from Warnem?nde. After the war, refugees and displaced persons were accommodated in the buildings. Then the Soviets demolished the barracks and removed equipment back to the USSR as war reparations. In the 1950s , the Soviets put in a modern airstrip. In 1993 Russian forces left Tutow. It is now a civli airfield and has a museum about East Germany.
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1944-02-20 8th AF 226