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  - Stade, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Construction began in 1935, with the base disguised as a civilian project. The first use was that of a multi-engine piloting school. In 1939 a new large hangar and three concrete runways were built. In April 1940, the air transport of parachute and mountain troops from Stade began the occupation of Scandinavia. In 1941, night-fighters were stationed here. On 18 April 1945 aircraft and facilities were destroyed in advance of occupation by the British on 1 May 1945 who completely removed the runways In 1951, it was given back to the German authorities who used it as a training base. Today it is a residential and commercial area. The former training area is a nature retreat.
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1944-06-18 8th AF 421
1944-08-24 8th AF 568
1944-10-06 8th AF 667
1944-12-31 8th AF 772
1945-04-09 8th AF 937