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  - Quakenbruck, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
Known as ALG B-109, the airfield was on the southern edge of Quakenbr?ck in Lower Saxony, Germany. In 1933 the National Socialists stationed the first local flying squadron at the airfield. The first flying unit to use the base in 1937 was the Pilot School (Flugzeugf?herschule) AB 82. In 1940 the Flugzeugf?herschule left for Cottbus, freeing the air base for several Attack Wings flying He111 and Ju88. During the war fighter and night fighter units to counter Allied bomber fleets also used the field. Quakenbr?ck also was home to a major repair and overhaul facility where aircraft from Achmer, Hesepe, V?rden, Plantlunne and Varrelbusch were serviced, until the service was largely moved to southern France. On 11 April 1945 British troops occupied the airfield. The British called it Advanced Landing Ground B-109 and stationed 4 squadrons at the base: 33, 222, 274 (all with Tempest V) and 616 Squadron (with Gloster Meteor). The RAF left the airfield by mid-August and left the airfield to the Free Polish troops who remained stationed at the airfield until 1947. On 1 October 1947 the mililtary government released the airfield, and in 1948 the airfield was demilitarised. Now a small part is home to the local flying club.
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1944-06-29 8th AF 447
1944-11-21 8th AF 720
1945-02-24 8th AF 845