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  - Diepholz, Germany

Target Category: Airfield -  
In the autumn of 1934 construction work began to build the airfield. The runway was initially a 1000-meter circle. The military rook over in 1936, followed by the construction of extensive storage and hangars, workshops and barracks. The facility received a railway connection to the Diepholz station. In 1940 a concrete runway was built. On 6 April 1945 the occupation by British troops. The RAF used the Aerodrome briefly to airlift liberated British prisoners of war. The base was reactivated in 1956 by the German Air Force.
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1944-02-21 B228
1944-02-21 B228
1944-05-30 8th AF 380
1944-09-11 8th AF 623
1944-10-12 8th AF 674