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Junkers-Zweigwerke - Bernburg, Germany

Target Category: Industry - Aviation
Built in 1937, Bernburg was the final assembly line where all components produced at other Junkers-Zweigwerke were sent and first flights were performed. 3000 people worked here. Over 6700 Ju88s and 2000 Ju52s were produced here. Occupied by American forces in April of 1945, the airfield and plant was handed over to the Soviets who dismantled it and sent it to the USSR. It is now the site of the Bernburg High School.
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1944-02-20 8th AF 226
1944-02-22 8th AF 230
1944-04-11 8th AF 298
1944-06-29 8th AF 447
1944-07-07 8th AF 458