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  - Beauvoir, France

Target Category: V-weapons site -  
PLACE NAME: BEAUVOIR;SITE NAME: XI/A/79;RHUBARB TARGET #:79;SITE TYPE: construction site;GSGS MAP # / SHEET # / GRID REF: 4040 / 84 / 116964;PHOTO SORTIE # / DATE / PRINT # / NEGATIVE #: E/641 / 1943-11-29 / 3054,4055 / 33159;NOTES: The target is a Bois Carre type site situated in Beauvoir chiefly among orchards. The activity which is at an early strage spreads throughout the whole village; the sinuous paths appear to be well advanced. A number of buildings under construction are scattered about the area. A standard gauge railway line which leaves the Doullens/St. Pol branch at 156967 stops at 124961, but there is much activity here and preparations are probably being made to lead the railway into the site. On the edge of the airfield there is a large dump of constructional material.;RESEARCHER NOTES: some buildings remain;source: RHUBARB OPERATIONS - APPENDIX XI - NOBALL TARGETS, (British War Ministry, June 1944)
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1943-12-24 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 164
1944-04-20 8th AF 309
1944-06-02 8th AF 384, 385
1944-06-15 8th AF 414
1944-06-16 8th AF 416
1944-06-27 8th AF 443