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Kriegsmarinewerft (KMW) - Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Target Category: Naval - U-boat yards
Formed by Kabinettsordre on 19 May 1870 in addition to the existing shipyards at Kiel and Danzig. After the First World War the shipyards at Kiel and Danzig were dissolved (the Werften at Kiel became an Arsenal) while this one at Wilhelmshaven continued uninterrupted. Between 1940 and 1945 the structure of the shipyard was changed often. After the Second World War the Military Government ordered the Shipyard and its facilities destroyed. It was subordinate to the Marineoberkommando Nordsee for disciplinary matters and subordinate to OKM for technical matters.
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1943-01-27 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 31
1943-02-26 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 37
1943-03-22 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 46
1943-05-21 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 60
1943-06-11 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 62
1943-11-03 8th AF Bomber Command Mission 119
1944-02-03 8th AF 206
1944-03-03 8th AF 246
1944-08-27 8th AF 583 & 8th AF 584
1945-03-30 8th AF 918
1945-03-30 8th AF 918