Some of the sources used in compiling the data for this website:

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212 Oclock High Forum
3303rd Bomb Group web page
4306th Bombardment Group
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734th Bomb Group Mission List compiled by Gary L. Ferrell
8351st Bomb Group web page
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10384th Bomb Group Mission Links
11384th Bomb Group web page
12386th Bomb Group
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14389TH BG: Personal Mission Log of Bernard L. Prueher
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18445th Bomb Group
19446th Bomb
20447 Bomb Group Association
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24457 Bomb Group
25458th Bomb Group web page
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27467th Bomb Group web page
28486th Bomb Group web page
29487th Bomb Group web page
30489th Bombardment Group
31492 Bomb Group Mission Links
32612th Bombardment Squadron History
33613th Bombardment Squadron History
34614th Bombardment Squadron History
35615th Bombardment Squadron
3691st BG / 324th BS Mission Report
3791st BG / 401st BS Mission Report
3891st Bomb Group web page
3992nd Bomb Group web page
4095th Bomb Group web page
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51British WWII Evacuees Discussion Group
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67Me 163B Komet airfields
68Me 163B Komet web page
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