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These pages pull together information on the operations of the
United States 8th Air Force during World War II from multiple
sources on the web and from printed material. It is an ongoing process...

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Bomber Fighter Air Service Recon
208 507 60 214
Tonnage Pounds
692,847 1,385,693,000
B-17 B-24 Fighters
1702 613 1315
Killed Wounded Missing Total
3453 5209 41589 50251
Destroyed Probable Damaged Total
11321 2227 4633 18181
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April 24, 19448AF 315Aviation targets in Germany Details
April 24, 19448AF 316Night leaflet operation France, Holland Details
April 24, 19448AF FC FO 312Fighter support for 8AF 315 Details
April 24, 1944CBCarpetbagger mission Details
April 24, 19458AF 967Night Leaflet Operation Apr 24/25 1945 Details
April 24, 1945Other operationsWeather recon; Photo recon; ASR Details
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