Aircraft Groups

4th Fighter Group

Aircraft:Spitfire V; P-47; P-51
Group Emblem:
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Wing:65th Combat Bombardment Wing
Division:2nd Bombardment Division
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Squadrons:334th Fighter Squadron
335th Fighter Squadron
336th Fighter Squadron
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Details:Former members of RAF Eagle Squadrons formed the nucleus of the 4th group, which served in combat from Oct 1942 to Apr 1945 and destroyed more enemy planes in the air and on the ground than any other fighter group of Eighth AF.

Operated first with Spitfires but changed to P-47s in Mar 1943 and to P-51s in Apr 1944. On numerous occasions escorted bombers that attacked factories, submarine pens, V-weapon sites, and other targets in France, the Low Countries, or Germany. Went out sometimes with a small force of bombers to draw up enemy fighters so they could be destroyed in aerial combat. At other times attacked the enemy air power by strafing and dive-bombing airfields. Also hit troops, supply depots, roads, bridges, rail lines, and trains. Participated in the intensive campaign against the German Air Force and aircraft industry during Big Week, 20-25 Feb 1944.

Received a DUC for aggressiveness in seeking out and destroying enemy aircraft and in attacking enemy air bases, 5 Mar-24 Apr 1944. Flew interdictory and counter-air missions during the invasion of Normandy in Jun 1944. Supported the airborne invasion of Holland in Sep. Participated in the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944-Jan 1945. Covered the airborne assault across the Rhine in Mar 1945.

  • Col Edward W Anderson, Sep 1942
  • Col Chesley G Peterson, Aug 1943
  • Col Donald M Blakeslee, 1 Jan 1944
  • Lt Col Claiborne H Kinnard Jr, Nov 1944
  • Lt Col Harry Dayhuff, 7 Dec 1944
  • Col Everett W Stewart, 21 Feb 1945

Air Force Combat Units of World War II, Maurer, Maurer: USAF, 1986

Accident Reports:Number of Non-Combat-Related Accident reports for this group: 0
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1September 30, 1942VIII FCPractice Sweep
2October 02, 1942VIII FCEscort; Diversion
3October 02, 1942VIII FCEscort; Diversion
4October 09, 1942VIII FCCircus 224; Diversion
5October 14, 1942VIII FCShipping raid
6October 15, 1942VIII FCEscort; Circus
7October 20, 1942VIII FCDefensive sortie1
8October 22, 1942VIII FCWeather recon
9October 23, 1942VIII FCDefensive sortie
10October 24, 1942VIII FCDefensive sortie
11October 25, 1942VIII FCEscort; Support
12October 29, 1942VIII FCRhubarb
13October 31, 1942VIII FCRhubarb
14November 06, 1942VIII FCRamrod
15November 08, 1942VII FCWithdrawal support for VIII BC 17; FD
16November 09, 1942VIII FCEscort mission - RAF Bostons attacking Le Havre
17November 10, 1942VIII FCSupport for RAF Bostons
18November 11, 1942VIII FCShipping recon and other misc offensive sorties
19November 14, 1942VIII FCShipping recon
20November 16, 1942VIII FCStrafing mission on French coast
21November 17, 1942VIII FCShipping recon
22November 18, 1942VIII FCStrafing mission
23November 19, 1942VIII FCShipping patrol
24November 20, 1942VIII FCRhubarb1
25November 26, 1942VIII FCRhubarb against canals and roads NE of Dunkirk
26November 28, 1942VIII FCShipping recon
27November 29, 1942VIII FCShipping recon
28November 30, 1942VIII FCPatrols
29December 01, 1942VIII FCPatrol
30December 04, 1942VIII FCRodeo rear support
31December 05, 1942VIII FCConvoy patrol
32December 06, 1942VIII FCSupport and patrol
33December 06, 1942VIII FCSupport and patrol
34December 08, 1942VIII FCStrafing and patrol
35December 08, 1942VIII FCStrafing and patrol
36December 09, 1942VIII FCPatrol
37December 10, 1942FCFighter sweep
38December 11, 1942FCSweep and patrol
39December 12, 1942FCShipping, convoy and defensive patrols
40December 12, 1942FCShipping, convoy and defensive patrols
41December 12, 1942FCShipping, convoy and defensive patrols
42December 13, 1942FCPatrol
43December 14, 1942FCPatrol
44December 15, 1942FCShipping attack
45December 20, 1942FCCircus 244 diversion
46December 21, 1942FCRhubarb
47December 22, 1942FCShipping patrol
48December 23, 1942FCPatrol
49December 29, 1942FCStrafing and patrol
50December 29, 1942FCStrafing and patrol
51December 30, 1942FCStrafing attack at Cappelle
52December 31, 1942FCPatrol
53January 02, 1943FCPatrols
54January 03, 1943FCShip protection patrol
55January 04, 1943FCShip protection patrols
56January 08, 1943FCDefensive patrols
57January 09, 1943FCPatrol English coast
58January 11, 1943FCShip protection patrols
59January 12, 1943FCFighter patrol
60January 13, 1943FCEscort for: BC29, 2 raids by RAF Bostons against St. Omer; fighter patrol 1
61January 14, 1943FC3 Rhubarbs
62January 15, 1943FCPatrol
63January 17, 1943FCShip protection patrols
64January 20, 1943FCRhubarb, interception, patrols
65January 21, 1943FCEscort for RAF Venturas and support for Circus to Caen
66January 21, 1943FCEscort for RAF Venturas and support for Circus to Caen
67January 22, 1943FCSupport of RAF Bostons1
68January 23, 1943FCShip protection patrols
69January 25, 1943Circus 255Escort to RAF Bostons
70January 26, 1943Circus 256Escort to RAF Venturas1
71January 27, 1943FCPatrols
72January 29, 1943FCPatrol
73February 01, 1943FCPatrols
74February 02, 1943Circus 257Support for RAF Venturas and ship patrol
75February 02, 1943Circus 257Support for RAF Venturas and ship patrol
76February 03, 1943Circus 258Escort of RAF Venturas and sweeps
77February 03, 1943Circus 258Escort of RAF Venturas and sweeps
78February 04, 1943FCPatrol and ASR
79February 05, 1943FCPatrol and strafe enemy shipping1
80February 05, 1943FCPatrol and strafe enemy shipping
81February 06, 1943FCShipping patrols
82February 10, 1943FCShipping patrol
83February 12, 1943FCShipping and defensive patrols
84February 13, 1943FCShipping patrols1
85February 14, 1943FCShipping patrol
86February 15, 1943FCShipping patrols
87February 16, 1943FCPatrols
88February 17, 1943FCPatrols
89February 18, 1943FCShipping and defensive patrols
90February 19, 1943FCDefensive patrol and sweep of St. Omer area
91February 19, 1943FCDefensive patrol and sweep of St. Omer area
92February 20, 1943FCAir-Sea-Rescue
93February 24, 1943FCShipping patrols
94February 26, 1943FCShipping patrols and escort for 3 raids of RAF Venturas attacking Dunkirk
95February 26, 1943FCShipping patrols and escort for 3 raids of RAF Venturas attacking Dunkirk
96February 27, 1943FCShipping patrols and escort for RAF Venturas bombing Dunkirk
97February 27, 1943FCShipping patrols and escort for RAF Venturas bombing Dunkirk
98February 28, 1943FCPatrols
99March 01, 1943FCPatrols
100March 02, 1943FCShipping and defensive patrols
101March 03, 1943FCPatrols
102March 04, 1943FCPatrols
103March 05, 1943FCPatrols
104March 06, 1943FCDefensive patrols
105March 07, 1943FCDefensive patrol
106March 08, 1943FCCover for RAF and shipping patrols
107March 08, 1943FCCover for RAF and shipping patrols
108March 09, 1943FCSupport and shipping patrols
109March 09, 1943FCSupport and shipping patrols
110March 10, 1943FCPatrols
111March 11, 1943FCPatrols
112March 12, 1943FCSweeps near St. Omer and shipping patrol
113March 12, 1943FCSweeps near St. Omer and shipping patrol1
114March 13, 1943FCPatrols
115March 14, 1943FCPatrols
116March 14, 1943FCPatrols
117March 15, 1943FCPatrols
118March 16, 1943FCPatrols
119March 18, 1943FCDefensive and convoy patrols
120March 19, 1943FCDefensive and convoy patrols
121March 20, 1943FCShipping patrols
122March 22, 1943FCPatrols
123March 23, 1943FCPatrols
124March 24, 1943FCPatrols
125March 25, 1943FCDefensive and convoy patrols
126March 26, 1943FCPatrol
127March 29, 1943FCShipping patrols
128March 30, 1943FCShipping patrols
129March 31, 1943FCPatrols
130April 01, 1943FCShipping patrol
131April 08, 1943FCRodeo between Dunkirk and Sangatte
132April 10, 1943FCPatrols
133April 11, 1943Rodeo 200Rodeo to Calais
134April 13, 1943FCRodeo 202 and diversion
135April 13, 1943FCRodeo 202 and diversion
136April 15, 1943Rodeo 204Sweeps of Furnes/St. Omer area3
137April 17, 1943FCSweeps and diversion
138April 17, 1943FCSweeps and diversion
139April 18, 1943FCSweep
140April 21, 1943Rodeo 208Sweeps
141April 29, 1943Rodeo 211High altitude sweep of Pas de Calais /The Hague area
142May 03, 1943FC FO 8Sweep
143May 04, 1943FC FO 10Patrol1
144May 07, 1943FC FO 12Sweep
145May 11, 1943FC FO 16Sweep
146May 13, 1943FC FO 17Fighter support of heavy bombers
147May 14, 1943FC FO 18Fighter support for Antwerp mission
148May 15, 1943FC FO 19Sweeps
149May 16, 1943FC FO 20Sweeps and diversion
150May 16, 1943FC FO 20Sweeps and diversion
151May 17, 1943FC FO 22Sweep
152May 18, 1943FC FO 23Sweeps1
153May 19, 1943FC FO 24Escort and patrol
154May 19, 1943FC FO 24Escort and patrol
155May 20, 1943FC FO 25Sweeps over Holland
156May 20, 1943FC FO 25Sweeps over Holland
157May 21, 1943FC FO 26Fighter sweep of Ghent/Ostend area3
158May 25, 1943FC FO 28High altitude seep of Mardyck/Ypres/Knokke area
159May 26, 1943FC FO 29Sweeps in Egmond/Amsterdam/Hague area
160May 27, 1943FC FO 30Sweep Knokke/Roulers/Gravelines area
161May 28, 1943FC FO 32Rodeo in Walcheren/Eekloo/Dixmunde/Dunkirk area
162May 29, 1943FC FO 33Fighter support for heavy bombers
163May 31, 1943FC FO 34Sweeps over Knokke/Courtrai/Dunkirk area
164June 07, 1943FC FO 38Intercept
165June 11, 1943FC FO 41Sweep of Graveline/Hazebrouck/Courtrai/Ostend area
166June 11, 1943FC FO 37High altitude sweep of Ostend/Eekloo area
167June 12, 1943FC FO 43High altitude sweep of Blankenburghe/Calais
168June 13, 1943FC FO 44Sweep of Graveline/Bailleul/Knokke area
169June 17, 1943FC FO 47Sweep of Westhoofd/Goes/Eekloo/Ypres/Gravelines area
170June 20, 1943FC FO 49Sweep of Le Touquet/St. Omer/Calais area
171June 22, 1943FC FO 52Escort for Antwerp mission
172June 24, 1943FC FO 55Sweep of Hesdin/Boulogne/Doullens area
173June 25, 1943FC FO 56Escort for heavy bombers
174June 26, 1943FC FO 57Escort for heavy bombers
175June 28, 1943VIII FC FO 58Fighter escort for heavy bombers
176June 29, 1943VIII FC FO 59Fighter escort for heavy bombers
177July 01, 1943VIII FC FO 60Fighter sweeps
178July 04, 1943VIII FC FO 64Withdrawal cover
179July 06, 1943VIII FC FO 65Fighter sweeps Rotterdam
180July 09, 1943VIII FC FO 67Fighter sweeps Ghent area
181July 10, 1943VIII FC FO 68Escort for heavy bombers
182July 14, 1943VIII FC FO 71Fighter escort for heavy bombers (Amiens only)1
183July 16, 1943VIII FC FO 72Fighter support for diversionary raid in Dunkirk/Calais/Ostende/St. Omer area
184July 17, 1943VIII FC FO 74Fighter escort for Amsterdam mission
185July 25, 1943VIII FC FO 78Sweep of Belgian-Dutch coast
186July 26, 1943VIII FC FO 81Sweep of Lille/Dunkirk/Cayeux area
187July 26, 1943VIII FC FO 80Sweeps of Rotterdam area
188July 27, 1943VIII FC FO 82Sweep of Rouen area
189July 28, 1943VIII FC FO 84Escort for B-26 diversionary raids
190July 28, 1943VIII FC FO 83Withdrawal support1
191July 29, 1943VIII FC FO 86Escort for B-26 diversionary raid to cover St. Omer raid
192July 29, 1943VIII FC FO 85Sweeps over Belgium and Holland
193July 30, 1943VIII FC FO 87Escort and support for heavy bombers1
194July 31, 1943VIII FC FO 88Support of B-26 diversion raid
195August 02, 1943VIII FC FO 90Escort for B-26 diversionary raid
196August 09, 1943VIII FC FO 95Sweep of Abbeville/Poix area
197August 12, 1943VIII FC FO 98Escort for heavy bombers
198August 15, 1943VIII FC FO 103Sweeps of Knokke/Bruges/Lille/St. Omer area
199August 15, 1943VIII FC FO 104Escort for heavy bombers
200August 16, 1943VIII FC FO 105Escort and support for heavy bombers1
201August 17, 1943VIII FC FO 106Escort and support for heavy bombers
202August 19, 1943VIII FC FO 108Escort and support for heavy bombers
203August 23, 1943VIII FC FO 111Sweeps of Bruges/Woensdrecht/Schipol area
204August 24, 1943VIII FC FO 112Escort and support for heavy bombers
205August 27, 1943VIII FC FO 116Escort and support for heavy bombers
206August 31, 1943VIII FC FO 119Escort for heavy bombers
207September 02, 1943VIII FC FO 120Sweeps1
208September 03, 1943VIII FC FO 121Escort for heavy bombers
209September 06, 1943VIII FC FO 125Escort for heavy bombers
210September 07, 1943VIII FC FO 126Escort for heavy bombers of 1BD and 2BD
211September 09, 1943VIII FC FO 128Escort for heavy bombers2
212September 14, 1943VIII FC FO 130Sweep of Dunkirk and Dutch islands
213September 15, 1943VIII FC FO 132Escort for heavy bombers
214September 22, 1943VIII FC FO 138Sweeps of Calais/Egmond area
215September 23, 1943VIII FC FO 142Support for heavy bombers
216September 23, 1943VIII FC FO 140Escort for heavy bombers
217September 26, 1943VIII FC FO 145Escort for heavy bombers
218September 27, 1943VIII FC FO 147Escort for heavy bombers
219October 02, 1943VIII FC FO 148Escort for heavy bombers
220October 03, 1943VIII FC FO 65Sweeps
221October 04, 1943VIII FC FO 150Escort for heavy bombers
222October 08, 1943VIII FC FO 151Escort for heavy bombers2
223October 09, 1943VIII FC FO 153Escort and support for heavy bombers
224October 14, 1943VIII FC FO 156Escort and support for heavy bombers
225October 18, 1943VIII FC FO 162Escort for heavy bombers
226October 20, 1943VIII FC FO 163Escort for heavy bombers
227October 22, 1943VIII FC FO 165Support for 9AF B-26s
228November 03, 1943VIII FC FO 168Escort and support for heavy bombers2
229November 05, 1943VIII FC FO 170Escort for heavy bombers
230November 07, 1943VIII FC FO 173Support for 9AF B-26s
231November 10, 1943VIII FC FO 175Support for 9AF B-26s
232November 11, 1943VIII FC FO 177Escort and support for heavy bombers
233November 13, 1943VIII FC FO 180Escort and support for heavy bombers
234November 26, 1943VIII FC FO 191Escort and support for heavy bombers
235November 29, 1943VIII FC FO 192Escort and support for heavy bombers
236November 30, 1943VIII FC FO 193Escort and support for heavy bombers
237December 01, 1943VIII FC FO 194Escort and support for heavy bombers
238December 05, 1943VIII FC FO 196Escort and support for heavy bombers
239December 11, 1943VIII FC FO 198Escort and support for heavy bombers
240December 16, 1943VIII FC FO 203Escort and support for heavy bombers
241December 20, 1943VIII FC FO 204Escort and support for heavy bombers
242December 22, 1943VIII FC FO 207Escort and support for heavy bombers
243December 24, 1943VIII FC FO 209General area support for heavy bombers
244December 30, 1943VIII FC FO 210Escort and support for heavy bombers
245December 31, 1943VIII FC FO 211Escort and support for heavy bombers
246January 04, 19448AF FC FO 212Fighter support for Munster bombers
247January 05, 19448AF FC FO 213Fighter support for Tours bombers
248January 07, 19448AF FC FO 215Fighter escort for 8AF 178
249January 11, 19448AF FC FO 216Fighter escort for 8AF 182
250January 14, 19448AF FC FO 217Fighter escort for 8AF 183
251January 21, 19448AF FC FO 221Fighter support for 8AF 187
252January 24, 19448AF FC FO 222Fighter support for 8AF 191
253January 29, 19448AF FC FO 226Fighter support for 8AF 1981
254January 30, 19448AF FC FO 227Fighter support for 8AF 200
255January 31, 19448AF 204Fighter bombing Gilze-Rijen airfield
256February 02, 19448AF FC FO 231Fighter support for 8AF 205
257February 03, 19448AF FC FO 233Fighter support for 8AF 2061
258February 04, 19448AF FC FO 234Fighter support for 8AF 208
259February 05, 19448AF FC FO 235Fighter support for 8AF 210
260February 06, 19448AF FC FO 236Fighter support for 8AF 2121
261February 08, 19448AF FC FO 238Fighter support for 8AF 214 (Frankfurt)
262February 10, 19448AF FC FO 239Fighter support for 8AF 216
263February 11, 19448AF FC FO 240Fighter support for 8AF 218 (Frankfurt)
264February 12, 19448AF FC FO 241Fighter support for 8AF 220
265February 15, 19448AF 224Dive bomb Coxyde airfield
266February 20, 19448AF FC FO 245Fighter support for 8AF 2261
267February 21, 19448AF FC FO 246Fighter support for 8AF 228
268February 22, 19448AF FC FO 247Fighter support for 8AF 230
269February 24, 19448AF FC FO 250Fighter support for 8AF 2331
270February 25, 19448AF FC FO 251Fighter support for 8AF 235
271February 28, 19448AF FC FO 254Fighter support for 8AF 238
272February 29, 19448AF FC FO 255Fighter support for 8AF 240
273March 02, 19448AF FC FO 257Fighter support for 8AF 244 (Frankfurt)1
274March 03, 19448AF FC FO 259Fighter support for 8AF 2464
275March 04, 19448AF FC FO 260Fighter support for 8AF 2471
276March 05, 19448AF FC FO 261Fighter support for 8AF 2481
277March 06, 19448AF FC FO 262Fighter support for 8AF 2504
278March 08, 19448AF FC FO 263Fighter support for 8AF 2521
279March 09, 19448AF FC FO 264
280March 16, 19448AF FC FO 270Fighter support for 8AF 2621
281March 18, 19448AF FC FO 273Fighter support for 8AF 2642
282March 19, 19448AF 268Dive bombing Gilze-Rijen airfield and sweep
283March 20, 19448AF FC FO 275Fighter support for 8AF 269
284March 21, 19448AF FC FO 276Sweep of Bordeaux area7
285March 22, 19448AF FC FO 277Fighter support for 8AF 273
286March 23, 19448AF FC FO 278Fighter support for 8AF 275
287March 24, 19448AF FC FO 279Fighter support for 8AF 277
288March 27, 19448AF FC FO 282Fighter support for 8AF 2821
289March 28, 19448AF FC FO 283Fighter support for 8AF 2831
290March 29, 19448AF FC FO 284Fighter support for 8AF 283 (Brunswick)3
291April 01, 19448AF FC FO 286Fighter support for 8AF 287
292April 05, 19448AF 289Strafing attack against airfields in Germany4
293April 08, 19448AF FC FO 291Fighter support for 8AF 2914
294April 09, 19448AF FC FO 292Fighter support for 8AF 2931
295April 10, 19448AF FC FO 293Fighter support for 8AF 2951
296April 11, 19448AF FC FO 295Fighter support for 8AF 298
297April 12, 19448AF FC FO 296Fighter support for 8AF 300
298April 13, 19448AF FC FO 298Fighter support for 8AF 3012
299April 15, 19448AF 303Strafing sweeps of western and central Germany3
300April 18, 19448AF FC FO 304Fighter support for 8AF 3063
301April 19, 19448AF FC FO 305Fighter support for 8AF 3081
302April 20, 19448AF FC FO 307Fighter support for 8AF 309 and F/B missions
303April 22, 19448AF FC FO 309Fighter support for 8AF 3111
304April 24, 19448AF FC FO 312Fighter support for 8AF 3153
305April 25, 19448AF FC FO 313Fighter support for 8AF 317
306April 26, 19448AF FC FO 315Fighter support for 8AF 319
307April 27, 19448AF FC FO 317Fighter support for 8AF 323
308April 29, 19448AF FC FO 320Fighter support for 8AF 3272
309April 30, 19448AF FC FO 321Fighter support for 8AF 329 and fighter bomber attacks1
310May 01, 19448AF FC FO 323Fighter support for 8AF 3334
311May 04, 19448AF FC FO 326Fighter support for 8AF 338
312May 07, 19448AF FC FO 329Fighter support for 8AF 342
313May 08, 19448AF FC FO 331Fighter support for 8AF 344
314May 09, 19448AF FC FO 333Fighter support for 8AF 3474
315May 11, 19448AF FC FO 336Fighter support for 8AF 3511
316May 12, 19448AF FC FO 337Fighter support for 8AF 353
317May 13, 19448AF FC FO 338Fighter support for 8AF 3551
318May 19, 19448AF FC FO 342Fighter support for 8AF 3581
319May 20, 19448AF FC FO 344Chattanooga strafing mission on rail stock in Germany1
320May 20, 19448AF FC FO 343Fighter support for 8AF 359
321May 22, 19448AF FC FO 346Fighter support for 8AF 3611
322May 23, 19448AF FC FO 348Escort and support for 8AF 363
323May 24, 19448AF 368Fighter-bomber attack on rail bridges in France
324May 24, 19448AF FC FO 349Escort and support for 8AF 3671
325May 25, 19448AF FC FO 350Escort and support for 8AF 3702
326May 27, 19448AF FC FO 351Escort and support for 8AF 3731
327May 28, 19448AF FC FO 352Escort and support for 8AF 3762
328May 29, 19448AF FC FO 363Escort and support for 8AF 3791
329May 30, 19448AF FC FO 354Escort and support for 8AF 3803
330May 31, 19448AF FC FO 355Escort and support for 8AF 3822
331June 04, 19448AF 391Rail bridges and airfields in Paris area
332June 05, 19448AF 393Fighter-Bomber ops
333June 06, 19448AF 394Coastal targets in invasion area10
334June 07, 19448AF 397, 398Tactical targets in NW France1
335June 08, 19448AF 400Rail targets and airfields in France2
336June 10, 19448AF FC FO 379, 380, 381Sweeps. escort, Fighter-Bomber ops2
337June 11, 19448AF FC FO 382Patrols, Fighter-Bomber ops2
338June 12, 19448AF FC FO 383, 384Tactical support
339June 13, 19448AF FC FO 386, 387Escort, sweeps, Fighter-bomber missions in invasion zone
340June 15, 19448AF FC FO 390, 391Escort, sweeps, fighter-bomber runs in invasion area
341June 17, 19448AF FC FO 394Escort, fighter-bomber runs in invasion area
342June 18, 19448AF FC FO 396Escort for heavies; sweeps, fighter-bomber runs in invasion area3
343June 19, 19448AF FC FO 399 and 400Escort for 8AF 423 and 8AF 4241
344June 20, 19448AF FC FOEscort for 8AF 4252
345June 21, 19448AF FC FOEscort for 8AF 428 and 8AF 4291
346June 28, 19448AF FC FOEscort for 8AF 445; FIghter-bomber missions
347June 29, 19448AF FC FOEscort for 8AF 447; FIghter-bomber missions
348July 03, 1944Italy shuttleRail target in Yugoslavia
349July 05, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 453; FIghter-bomber missions
350July 06, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 455; Strafing traffic around Paris
351July 07, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 4581
352July 09, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 462-463; strafing
353July 11, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 4661
354July 12, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 468-469
355July 13, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 4711
356July 16, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 476
357July 17, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 478, 479
358July 18, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 481
359July 19, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 4822
360July 20, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 4841
361July 21, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 486
362July 24, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 492; Sweep of Lechfeld and Leipheim airfield
363July 25, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 494, 495; Fighter Bomber op
364July 28, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 501
365July 29, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 503
366July 31, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 507
367August 01, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 508 and Operation BUICK
368August 02, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 510, 511; Fighter-Bomber ops1
369August 03, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 512, 513; Fighter-Bomber ops1
370August 04, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 514, 515, 516; Fighter-Bomber op
371August 05, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 519, 520, 521
372August 06, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 524
373August 07, 1944VIII FC 8AF 529Escort for 8AF 527; Fighter-Bomber RR north of Paris2
374August 08, 1944VIII FCEscort, Fighter-bomber3
375August 09, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 533, 8AF 535, fighter bomber ops
376August 10, 1944VIII FC, 8AF 538 FBEscort for 8AF 537, Fighter-bomber ops
377August 11, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 541, 542, 543
378August 12, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 545; Fighter-Bomber ops
379August 13, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 548; Fighter-Bomber ops1
380August 15, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 554, Fighter bomber ops1
381August 16, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 556
382August 17, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 559, fighter-bomber ops
383August 24, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 5682
384August 25, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 5703
385August 26, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 575; Fighter-bomber ops
386August 27, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 583; Fighter-bomber ops
387August 28, 1944VIII FCFighter-Bomber ops France, Holland, Germany5
388August 30, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 590, 591
389September 01, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 595; Fighter-bomber op; Sweep
390September 05, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 605, 606; FIghter-Bomber ops; Strafing
391September 08, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 611; Fighter-Bomber ops
392September 09, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 613; Fighter-Bomber ops; Sweep1
393September 11, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 6232
394September 12, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 6262
395September 13, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 628; Strafing1
396September 15, 19448AF 633Frantic mission VI
397September 17, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 637; Fighter-Bomber ops2
398September 18, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 639, 8AF 640; Ground support in Holland
399September 19, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 642, Frantic; patrols in Holland
400September 20, 1944VIII FCPatrols over Holland
401September 23, 1944VIII FCSupport for grounds ops in Holland
402September 25, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 6471
403September 27, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 650
404September 28, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 652
405September 30, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 655; Sweeps NW Germany
406October 02, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 658, 8AF 6591
407October 03, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 662
408October 05, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 665
409October 06, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 667
410October 07, 1944VIII FCEscort for 8AF 6691
411October 09, 19448AF 670Industrial targets in south and central Germany
412October 12, 19448AF 674Airfield and marshalling yard
413October 14, 19448AF 676, 8AF 677Rail targets in Germany
414October 15, 19448AF 678Industrial, oil and rail targets in Cologne, Germany area
415October 17, 19448AF 681Targets in Cologne area
416October 18, 19448AF 682Attacks on Kassel, Cologne, Leverkusen
417October 19, 19448AF 683Industrial targets in Mannheim and Mainz
418October 22, 19448AF 685Targets in western Germany
419October 25, 19448AF 688Oil and industry in western Germany
420October 26, 19448AF 689Industry and comm targets in western Germany
421October 30, 19448AF 693Oil industry in Germany
422November 01, 19448AF 696Oil installations and a rail bridge
423November 02, 19448AF 698Oil and rail targets in Central Germany
424November 04, 19448AF 700Oil installations in western Germany
425November 05, 19448AF 702Marshalling yards in western Germany1
426November 09, 19448AF 707Tactical targets in Metz and Thionville areas
427November 10, 19448AF 709Airfield in western Germany
428November 11, 19448AF 712Oil and rail targets in western Germany
429November 16, 19448AF 715Tactical targets near Aachen
430November 18, 19448AF 716Fighter sweeps1
431November 19, 1944Other OperationsPhoto recon; Weather
432November 21, 19448AF 720Oil industry in Germany2
433November 25, 19448AF 723Synthetic oil installation at Merseburg and Bingen rail yard
434November 26, 19448AF 725Rail and oil installation in western Germany
435November 27, 19448AF 727Marshalling yards in Germany
436November 29, 19448AF 729Rail and oil targets Germany
437November 30, 19448AF 731Rail and oil targets Germany
438December 02, 19448AF 734Rail marshaling yards in Germany
439December 04, 19448AF 736Rail targets in Germany
440December 05, 19448AF 728, 8AF 729Berlin weapons works and Munster rail yards; 729: Aphrodite op
441December 06, 19448AF 741Oil and rail targets in Germany
442December 09, 19448AF 743Airfields and rail targets in Stuttgart area
443December 10, 19448AF 745Rail targets in Germany
444December 11, 19448AF 746Rail targets and bridge in western Germany1
445December 12, 19448AF 748Oil and rail targets in Germany
446December 15, 19448AF 750Rail targets and a vehicle factory
447December 18, 19448AF 754Communication and tactical targets in western Germany1
448December 23, 19448AF 757Rail and communication centers behind battle lines in Ardennes
449December 24, 19448AF 759, 760Airfields and communications center in Gemany (760) and French U-boat coastal batteries (759)
450December 25, 19448AF 761Communication and rail targets west of the Rhine1
451December 27, 19448AF 764Rail targets in western Germany
452December 28, 19448AF 766Rail and road bridges in western Germany
453December 29, 19448AF 769Communications targets in western Germany
454December 30, 19448AF 770Rail and communications targets in western Germany
455December 31, 19448AF 772Strategic targets and comm centers along German supply lines
456January 01, 19458AF 774Oil and rail targets in western Germany
457January 02, 19458AF 776Communications and tactical targets in western Germany1
458January 03, 19458AF 778Rail and communications targets in western Germany
459January 05, 19458AF 781Rail targets and airfield in central Germany
460January 06, 19458AF 783Rail and communications targets in western Germany
461January 07, 19458AF 785Comm centers, rail targets, bridges and oil depots in western Germany
462January 08, 19458AF 787Comm centers, rail targets, bridges in western Germany
463January 11, 1945Other OperationsPhoto recon; Weather
464January 13, 19458AF 791Marshalling yards and Rhine rail bridges
465January 14, 19458AF 792Oil facilities in central Germany and highway bridges at Cologne
466January 15, 19458AF 794Marshalling yards in Germany
467January 16, 19458AF 796Oil and industrial targets in Germany1
468January 17, 19458AF 798Oil refineries at Hamburg and Harburg1
469January 20, 19458AF 801Synthetic oil industry at Sterkrade
470January 21, 19458AF 803Industry and rail targets in central Germany
471January 29, 19458AF 811Industrial plants at Kassel and rail targets in central Germany
472February 01, 19458AF 814Rail targets and bridges in western Germany
473February 03, 19458AF 817Major attack on Berlin and Madgeburg oil industry
474February 06, 19458AF 821Oil targets in Germany2
475February 09, 19458AF 824Oil targets in Germany
476February 11, 19458AF 827Dulmen oil depot1
477February 14, 19458AF 830Oil and rail targets in Germany
478February 19, 19458AF 835Oil, industry and rail targets
479February 20, 19458AF 836Nuremburg1
480February 21, 19458AF 839Rail targets in Nuremburg2
481February 22, 19458AF 841Operation Clarion: major attack on German rail and road targets
482February 23, 19458AF 843Second day of Clarion mission
483February 24, 19458AF 845Oil refineries and rail targets1
484February 25, 19458AF 847Tank factories; jet airfields; oil depots1
485February 26, 19458AF 849Attacks on targets in Berlin
486February 27, 19458AF 851Road and rail targets in Halle and Leipzig2
487February 28, 19458AF 854Rail targets in Germany
488March 01, 19458AF 857Marshalling yards in central and southern Germany
489March 02, 19458AF 859Synthetic oil plants and tank works
490March 04, 19458AF 863Jet airfields and industrial targets
491March 08, 19458AF 872Synthetic oil plants and rail targets
492March 10, 19458AF 877Rail targets
493March 11, 19458AF 881U-boat yards and oil installations in northern Germany
494March 12, 19458AF 883Marshalling yards1
495March 14, 19458AF 886Rail, oil and industrial targets
496March 15, 19458AF 889German Army HQ and rail targets
497March 17, 19458AF 892Oil, industrial and rail targets
498March 18, 19458AF 894Rail and tank plants in Berlin area1
499March 19, 19458AF 896Industry, rail and airfield targets in Germany
500March 20, 19458AF 898Hamburg area targets
501March 21, 19458AF 901, 902, 903, 904Jet fighter bases2
502March 22, 19458AF 906Attacks on barracks, camps and airfields
503March 23, 19458AF 908Rail targets in west and central Germany
504March 24, 19458AF 911Operations in support of Operation VARSITY - crossing of the Rhine
505March 26, 19458AF 915Oil and tank plants
506March 28, 19458AF 917Tank and armament factories
507March 30, 19458AF 918Uboat construction and operation targets
508March 31, 19458AF 920Synthetic oil plants, munition and vehicles factories1
509April 02, 19458AF 922Danish airfields
510April 03, 19458AF 924Kiel U-boat yards
511April 04, 19458AF 926Airfields in Germany
512April 05, 19458AF 928Ordnance depots, marshalling yards and airfields
513April 06, 19458AF 930Leipzig area
514April 07, 19458AF 931Ordnance depots, marshalling yards and airfields
515April 08, 19458AF 932Ordnance depots, marshalling yards and airfields
516April 09, 19458AF 935Oil depot, ammunition plant and jet airfields2
517April 10, 19458AF 938Jet airfields and army base near Berlin
518April 11, 19458AF 941Airfields, munitions and rail targets
519April 13, 19458AF 945Neumunster marshalling yard
520April 15, 19458AF 951Bordeaux and Royan strong points and batteries
521April 16, 19458AF 954, 8AF 955Rail and communication centers 8
522April 17, 19458AF 957Rail targets in E Germany and Czechoslovakia1
523April 18, 19458AF 959Rail targets in Germany
524April 20, 19458AF 962Rail targets in Berlin and Czechoslovakia
525April 21, 19458AF 963Jet airfields and rail targets in southeast Germany
526April 25, 19458AF 968Airfields and rail targets in Czechoslovakia and southeast Germany1

Non-Combat Related Accidents

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