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Target: KALTENKIRCHEN GERMANY Airfield (143 aircraft) - (53.8245, 9.95934)

Constructed in 1935, it was originally used for gliding, but a concrete runway was built and it was used for night-fighters. In December 1940, a camp for training of Air Force medical personnel was established. The area was used in 1944 as a camp for Russian prisoners-of-war. After December 1944, the field was equipped with Me 262 jet fighter aircraft and trained pilots to fly the aircraft. On 5 April of 1945, the first twin jet-engined Arados Ar 234 arrived. On 7 April 1945, a bombing attack by the US 8th Air Force crippled the airfield, but forced-labor was used to make it operational by the 10th. On 4 May 1945, the British occupied the area. Immediately after the surrender it was used as a POW camp occupied by 2,000 German prisoners. The airfield was used to store German military vehicles with as many as 20,000 parked vehicles. In 1950 intensive reforestation began.



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