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Target: BREMEN GERMANY Industry U-boat yards (406 aircraft) - (53.1167, 8.73494)

Deschimag was founded in 1926 several large German shipbuilding companies formed under the leadership of the shipyard AG Weser. Actien-Gesellschaft Weser, Vulkan-Werke Hamburg A.G., Joh. C. Tecklenborg A.G., AG Vulcan Stettin, G. Seebeck A.G., Actien-Gesellschaft Neptun Rostock, N?scke & Co. A.G., and Frerichswerft A.G. The two largest shipbuilding companies in Germany did not participate: Blohm & Voss and Bremer Vulkan AG. Approximately 28% of all shipbuilding production came from Deschimag which employed unto 15,000 workers. In 1941 a majority shareholding was acquired by Krupp, the most important German engineering and armaments conglomerate at that time. Deschimag was dissolved after war.

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photo: Bremen Deschimag shipbuilding strike photo ()
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