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Target: KOHLENBISSEN GERMANY Airfield (93 aircraft) - (52.9893, 10.1563)

Built in 1937 but not completed until 1942. Until 1944, the airfield was used mainly as a training airfield. From September 1943 pilots were retrained from the Ju-87 on the FW-190. Also experiments with chemical weapons sprayers were made. On 7 April 1945, a bombing raid of the 8th U.S. Air Force almost completely destroyed the facility, with more the forty-four aircraft destroyed, some barracks and buildings hit and the airstrip was covered with craters. Following the war, the barracks was initially used to house displaced persons and refugees. The northern part was used as A British military airfield. In 1948 the remaining area was leveled and in the following years weapon tests were conducted by the Allies. Today it is on the northern edge of the golf course Munster, in the south a few houses. The majority is used as a training ground by the army.



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