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Narrative - Official Air Force Mission Description

VIII Bomber Command Mission 113. 2 targets in Germany and 2 in Poland are hit; 26 B-17s and 2 B-24s are lost.

1. 106 of 115 B-17s hit the industrial area in Anklam, Germany at 1142-1146 hours; they claim 65-19-47 Luftwaffe aircraft, 18 B-17s are lost, 1 damaged beyond repair and 51 damaged; casualties are 25 WIA and 185 MIA.

2. 96 of 100 B-17s hit the industrial area in Marienburg, Germany at 1253-1302 hours; they claim 9-2-0 Luftwaffe aircraft; 2 B-17s are lost and 13 damaged; casualties are 3 WIA and 21 MIA.

3. 41 of 51 B-24s hit the U-boat yards at Danzig and the port area at Gdynia, Poland at 1305 hours; they claim 7-3-4 Luftwaffe aircraft; 2 B-24s are lost, 1 is damaged beyond repair and 19 damaged; casualties are 1 WIA and 21 MIA.

4. 109 of 112 B-17s hit the port area at Gdynia, Poland at 1304-1324 hours; they claim 41-5-10 Luftwaffe aircraft; 6 B-17s are lost, 1 damaged beyond repair and 62 damaged; casualties are 6 WIA and 60 MIA.

VIII Air Support Command Mission 81: 66 of 72 B-26s bomb the Woensdrecht Airfield in the Netherlands at 1516-1526 hours; 26 B-26s are damaged. This is the final Eighth Air Force B-26 operation; the B-26s will be transferred to the Ninth Air Force.

Source: THE ARMY AIR FORCES IN WORLD WAR II: COMBAT CHRONOLOGY, 1941-1945 by Carter / Mueller, the Office of Air Force History,

Mission Reports

303BG Mission Report - Target: Aircraft Component Plant, Anklam, Germany. Crews Dispatched: 20 (358BS - 7, 359th - 5, 360th - 4, 427th - 4). Crews Lost: 2Lt B.J. Clifford - 10 KIA. Length of Mission: 7 hours, 55 minutes. Bomb Load: 3 x 1000 lb H.E. M-44 plus 5 x M47A1 incendiaries. Bombing Altitude: 13,600 ft. Ammo Fired: 52,280 rounds. Enemy Aircraft Claims: 3 Destroyed, 7 Probable, 2 Damaged.

Crews ate breakfast at an early 0320 hours to make the 1,190 nautical mile trip to Anklam. The 303rd BG(H) led eight combat wings to the target, flying at a relatively low altitude of 13,000 feet.

The conditions at the target were perfect for an attack. There was no flak and no fighters were encountered in the target area. The weather was superb with no clouds and unlimited visibility. Bomb results were clearly visible and results were excellent. The lead bombardier, 1Lt. Byron K. Butt reported, "A damn well-planned, well-executed mission by all concerned." The 303rd BG(H) dropped 27 tons of 1,000-lb. bombs and incendiaries.

After bombing and leaving the target, the first flak was encountered at Rostock. It was intense and accurate. From the target to Rostock, enemy fighter attacks were spasmodic. They then became persistent until about 100 miles from the Keil Peninsula. Gen. Travis reported 169 ME-110s and FW-190s, and some ME-210s and JU-88s in this area. The P-47 fighters that were supposed to meet the bombers failed to make their rendezvous.

Aircraft #42-5221 was seen to be hit by 20mm cannon fire from a formation of three FW-190s flying abreast. The approximate position was at the Danish coast. It was last seen at 8,000 feet, with its No. 3 engine on fire and feathered. It crashed in the Baltic Sea south of Lolland, Denmark.

More info on this mission at the 303BG website

source: 303rd Bomb Group web page http://www.303rdbg.com/
306BG Mission Reportsource: 306th Bombardment Group website www.306bg.org/
351BG Mission Report - 19 aircraft were sent on this mission.

42-29603 Lt. H. G. Maser - Shot down by fighters. POW 9, KIA 1.

42-29868 Lt. J. H. Turley - Shot down by fighters. POW 2, KIA 5, MIA 3.

42-30790 Cap. H. B. Morse - Shot down by fighters. POW 11.

42-30867 Lt. L. A. Christman - Shot down by fighters. POW 7, KIA 3.

42-3152 F/O. W. H. Warring - Shot down by fighters. POW 10.

source: 351st Bomb Group web page http://www.351st.org/ken.harbour
384BG Mission Report - 384th BG Mission Number 30. The 384th Bombbardment Group (H) put up 21 Flying Fortresses as part of the 41st Combat Bombardment Wing for today's mission. They pounded one source of enemy air strength, the aircraft factories at Anklam, with excellent results under perfect bombing conditions. Maj. Ketelsen, Group Leader, noted: Fifteen fighters attacked at 1035 for ten minutes, halfway through Denmark, but no fighters or flak from there to target. After leaving the target, Ju-88s, ME's, and FW-190s attacked for two hours. Flew too close to Rostock and its heavy intense flak on way home. Thirty minutes after the two hour attack ended, 60 miles off the Frisian Islands, FW-190s attacked the wing following the 41st wing. Low clouds forced the group up so that it came home apart from other groups. Primary Target: Aircraft Factories - Anklam, Germany. Target Attacked : Primary (Visual)

22 aircraft assigned to this mission: Completed Mission - 17. Failed To Return - 2. Aborted - 2. Scrubbed - 1
41-24557 Sundlun, Bruce George - Group deputy.
42-3051 MacPhail, Philip R - Aircraft sustained severe battle damage, with 42 holes in critical positions. It did not fly again until December 13.
42-3441 Armstrong, Lloyd R - Group lead.
42-29712 Calnon, Mark Brooks - Failed to Return Disabled by enemy aircraft, crashed in Schleswig-Holstein; MACR 873.
42-29717 Sprague, Alfred L - Low squadron lead.
42-29814 Ingles, John Thomas - Failed to Return Damaged by enemy aircraft; ditched at 1341 hrs 50 mi. west of Danish coast, North Sea; MACR 872.
42-30026 Keller, Lawrence Larry - Aborted and landed away at Kingscliffe; #2 prop nicked by flak; piece of flak embedded in pilot's cushion; empty shell casing wedged in the cooling fins in #3 engine.
42-30033 Kelly, James H - High squadron lead.

source: 384th Bomb Group web page http://384thBombGroup.com/
388BG Mission Report - The 388th flew low Group in the lead Combat Wing of the 4th Air Task Force. The 96th Bomb Group led with the 96th/ 388th Composite flying high Group.

24 a/c of this Group took-off by 0819 hours. Formations were effected and headed directly to Splasher #5 and out over the North Sea, rendezvousing in route without circling. None of our a/c aborted.

The briefed route crossed Denmark, Baltic Sea to the Northeast Coast of Germany was followed to the IP. By the time our Group was making its bomb run, the Germans had already laid down a very effected smoke screen over the port area of Gydnia concealing the assigned target, the Cruiser Nurnberg. Our Group held its bombs and made a wide turn out into the Bay of Danzig in front of the 96th and made a second bomb run. Our lead bombardier saw a hole in the clouds, spotted the French Wharf with a large ship berthed and bombed this area. At least three direct hits were on this ship with the rest of the bombs on the dock area. Command reports that photos taken after the attack shows our target as the Liner Stuttgart and was being towed away from the dock on fire.

Flak on this mission was unusually accurate at the Danish Coast, German Coast and near Stolpe. Fighters were first encountered on the return route after leaving Denmark. There were about 35 enemy a/c, both single and twin engine, with the single engine fighters pressing the attacks. Our gunners claim 18 a/c destroyed. Three crew members were seriously wounded and two slightly wounded. Two of our planes were lost to fighter attacks off the Coast of Denmark, both from the Composite Group.

Lt. Nagorka in a/c 42-30371 "Iza Angel", leading the low squadron, was hit in the nose compartment and right wing by directs burst of the FW's 20mm shells. With the right wing on fire, the bail-out was given with the pilot leaving the aircraft last. Shortly after this the plane blew-up.
Lt. Kinney in a/c 42-30802, "Gydnia" was also shot down during these fighter attacks. With the # 3 engine on fire the crew bailed out. T/Sgt. Tobias broke a leg when he hit the ground.

source: 388th Bomb Group web page http://www.388bg.info
392nd Bomb Group Mission Reportsource: 392nd Bomb Group web page http://www.b24.net/missions/
44BG Mission Report - With our men and planes enroute or preparing to leave Africa for return to England only limited crews were sufficiently trained and ready for combat. So, on this date the Group sent only eight planes (2 from each squadron) on a mission to attack the Primary at Danzig - the submarine slips being the focal point. However, the secondary target, the ship yards of Gdynia was hit instead. A personnel failure was the reason the secondary target was hit in- stead of the Primary. The lead bombardier in a 66th A/C piloted by 2nd Lt. Marcoullier, misjudged the target in its identification and in the resulting confusion, toggled the bombs which were dropped on by the rest of the group. The bombs fell about two miles short of the target, which was covered by a very effective smoke screen. Flak at both of the targets was moderate and effective. Approximately 20 to 25 enemy aircraft were encountered over Sjaelland, near the Danish coast with several aircraft sustaining battle damages from both the enemy attacks. Four enemy aircraft were destroyed as well as several probables were scored. We had no losses. All four of the enemy aircraft claimed destroyed were claimed by the 68th.source: 44th Bomb Group web page http://www.8thairforce.com/44thbg
91st BG / 323nd BS Mission Report - Four A/C of 323rd squadron took off for Anklam, Germany, on a six hundred mile beeline direct from London. One ship #714, 1/Lt. Bramble (P) returned to base after having reached the vicinity of the Danish Coast due to malfunctioning of engines. Ships #740, 1/Lt. Morris M. Guttu (P) and #772, 1/Lt. Thomas E. Walsh (P), did not return and were listed as missing in action. The fourth A/C #172, 1/Lt. Warrington B. Dalton, Jr. (P) successfully completed its mission and returned safely. source: 323rd Bomb Squadron / 91BG Mission Report http://www.91stbombgroup.com/
91st BG / 322nd BS Mission Report - Raid to the Arado Fleugenwerke (aircraft components) Anklam, Germany. Bomb Load: 3 x 1000 G.P., 5 x 100 lb. Bombing Altitude: 13,000 ft. Bombing Results: Good. A/A Fire: No fire at target, meager to moderate fire from Madergale, Rostock, Warnestrude, Fehasian Island and Bad Sulms. All inaccurate. We were out of their range. Enemy Opposition: Up to 300 E/ A were encountered, mostly twin engine craft, some single engines - FW190, ME109, ME110, He111, Do217, JU87, JU88, FW189. First met E/A at 1032 hours and not until our remaining planes of the formation were well offshore at 1035 did the E/A cease their attacks. Enemy employed rockets which were fired by the Me110, Ju88 and FW190. Although fighter support was to have met us at point in the North Sea, our formation did not see them.

The following A/C failed to return from this mission: 778, 711 and 178.1st Lt. Sidney Hantman (Asst operations officer of this sq.) while riding in the tail position of A/C 804 piloted by Lt. Everett and Major Donald Sheeler, was struck by a 20 mm. It cut his right arm off close to the shoulder, penetrated his thigh and went on through his leg. Hantman was hit just before the formation reached the target. Tourniquet could not be applied as arm was sheared off too close to body. S/Sgt. W. S. French, right waist gunner on A/C 804, was struck by flak or bullet in hand. Injury not serious although French was hospitalized. S/Sgt A. K. Baker, radio operator on A/C 511, struck in forehead by flak.

Damage to A/C - A/C 511, hit by 20 mm and flak, holes in the rudder, wings and stabilizer. A/C 804, holes all over - flaps would not work.

source: 322rd Bomb Squadron / 91BG Mission Report http://www.91stbombgroup.com/
91BG / 401BS Mission Report - Hits in target area and city observed. Crews report billowing dust and flames rising to great heights. ENEMY AIRCRAFT: 70 to 300 enemy fighters encountered. Many kinds of twin engine planes encountered, closed in to scrap. Quite a few rockets. Lt. C. S. Hudson hit by 20 MM, left wrist broken and right arm broken and shoulder torn open.source: 91st BG / 401st BS Mission Report http://www.91stbombgroup.com/
92BG Mission Report - Losses: 326 Squadron, a/c B-17 F-75-DL 23554 This a/c was straggling as group entered Danish Coast on way home. Fighters came in on the a/c, tried to close into the formation. The B-17 was hit with a rocket shell and number two engine was seen to burst into flames. The prop was feathered and the B-17 lost altitude. Two crews reported seeing the B-17 hit the water. Six chutes were seen.source: 92nd Bomb Group web page http://92ndma.org/

Non-Combat Accident Reports

Aircraft: B-17F (#41-24529).
Organization: 546BS / 384BG of Grafton Underwood, Northamptonshire.
Pilot: Berbrich, John N.
Notes: landing accident.
Location: Grafton Underwood England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 5
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/
Aircraft: P-40E (#41-35934).
Organization: Hq / of Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire.
Pilot: Hagenbuch, Glenn E.
Notes: killed in a crash.
Location: Bovingdon/ 8 1/2mi N Sta 112 England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 5
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/
Aircraft: P-47D (#42-8546).
Organization: 87FrS / 27FrG of Warton, Lancashire.
Pilot: West, Walter O.
Notes: landing accident.
Location: Warton, Lancashire England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 3
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/
Aircraft: P-47D (#42-8577).
Organization: 87FrS / 27FrG of Warton, Lancashire.
Pilot: Cameron, Donald K.
Notes: killed in crash landing.
Location: Speke AD England.
Damage (0-5 increasing damage): 5
source: Aviation Archaeology http://www.aviationarchaeology.com/

Mission Stats (Targets, Aircraft, Casualties, etc.)

Mission "8th AF Air Service Command mission 81"
Woensdrecht airfield
October 09, 1943

Primary source for mission statistics: Mighty Eighth War Diary by Roger A. Freeman
Bomb TonnageEnemy
(on gnd)
726698.20-0-00-0-00-0-260-0-0Final mission for VIII B-26s before transfer to 9AF
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