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422nd Bombardment Squadron (Leaflet)

Group Emblem:
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Wing:40th Combat Bombardment Wing
Division:1st Bombardment Division
Tail Marking:
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Details:The 422nd Bombardment Squadron was one of four squadrons with the 305th Bombardment Group stationed at Chelveston. In August of 1943, they were selected to experiment in night bombing alongside the RAF. The squadron would become know as the Night Leaflet Squadron (NLS).

Selected 422nd Sqn crews made practice flights across the UK to perfect their navigation skills at night through August and first half of September 1943. On September 8th 1943, Major Gerry Price, the 422nd Sqn Commande,r led a force of five B-17's from Chelveston on the first night mission, in collaboration with the RAF. The target that evening was Boulogne in France.

On any night, the 422nd launched an average of 8 x B-17's to individual targets in various occupied countries. These included far away destinations such as Poland, Denmark and Norway.

On 24th-25th June 1944, the men of the 422nd move to Cheddington to become the nucleus of the newly formed 858th Bomb Squadron. Thus, June 26th saw the final end of operations as regards the night leaflet and propaganda missions by the USAAF from its origins, the 422nd Squadron at Chelveston. Under their new designation the 858th, those operations would continue from Cheddington.

The 422nd itself was re-staffed with eight veteran flight crews from other Bombardment Groupa as well as ten more rookie crews. On July 6th, 1944, the 422nd returned to standard operations and completed their first daylight mission since 6th September 1943 (when the squadron had commenced those first night operations).

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