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1st Fighter Group

Group Emblem:
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Wing:6th Fighter Wing
Division:VIII Fighter Command
Squadrons:27th Fighter Squadron
71st Fighter Squadron
94th Fighter Squadron
Tail Marking:
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Details:Organized as 1st Pursuit Group in France on 5 May 1918. Two of the group's pilots were awarded the Medal of Honor: 1st Lt (later Capt) Edward V Rickenbacker - America's World War I "Ace of Aces", and 2nd Lt Frank Luke Jr - the "balloon buster". The group demobilized in France on 24 Dec 1918.

Reconstituted in 1924. Redesignated 1st Pursuit Group (Interceptor) in Dec 1939, and 1st Pursuit Group (Fighter) in Mar 1941. Trained, participated in exercises and maneuvers, put on demonstrations, took part in National Air Races, tested equipment, and experimented with tactics, using Spad, Nieuport, DeHavilland, SE-5, MB-3, PW-8, P-1, P-6, PT-3, P-16, P-26, P-35, P-36, P-38, P-41, P-43, and other aircraft during the period 1919-1941. Was the only pursuit group in the Army's air arm for several years; later, furnished cadres for new units. Redesignated 1st Fighter Group in May 1942.

Moved to England, Jun-Jul 1942. Assigned to Eighth AF. Entered combat with P-38 aircraft on 28 Aug and flew a number of missions to France before being assigned to Twelfth AF for duty in the Mediterranean theater. Moved to North Africa. Continued operations until May 1945. Inactivated in Italy on 16 Oct 1945.

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