MIA Aircraft

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Missing 381st Bombardment Group (Heavy) aircraft on 1944-06-21:

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#42-31980 - B-17G

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1944-06-21 - MACR #: 5990
Notes42-31980 Delivered: Cheyenne 12/1/44; Savannah 23/1/44; Assigned: 532BS/381BG [VE-J] Ridgewell 26/5/44; MIA {4m} Berlin 21/6/44 Pilot: Roger Dussault, Co-Pilot: Bernie Segman, Navigator: Valerio Magnabasco, tog-Ralph Holcomb, Radio Operator: Wendell Lawing, Waist Gunner: Alonzo Ehler, Tail Gunner: John Mahar (7POW); Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Elmer Meier, Ball Turret Gunner: Howard Corum (2KIA); Enemy aircraft, crashed NE of Schonhauser, 17 miles NW of Prenzlau, Germany. MACR 5990.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne

#42-97174 - B-17G

 GroupSquadronSq CodeA/C Code
MIA1944-06-21 - MACR #: 5993
Notes42-97174 Delivered: Cheyenne 3/2/44; Nashville 19/2/44; Hunter 23/2/44; Grenier 17/3/44; Assigned: 534BS/381BG [GD-P] Ridgewell 7/4/44; on Berlin mission 24/5/44 Pilot: John Williams was hit by debris from two colliding B-17s which burned off surface fabric of rudders and elevator, Tail Gunner: Jack Ross (POW- bailed out when he thought aircraft was doomed). MIA {12+m} Berlin 21/6/44 w/Roy Pendergist, Co-Pilot: Joe Lawless, Navigator: Bob Harvey, Bombardier: Eloy Heniff, Engineer / Top Turret Gunner: Malcolm Muir, Radio Operator: Herb Salzseider, Ball Turret Gunner: Joe Wilson (7POW); Waist Gunner: Harry Lehman, tg-Byron King (2KIA); flak, crashed Wagnitzer Zootzen forest, 11 miles N of Nauen, Germany. MACR 5993. JOANNE.
SourceB-17 Master Log - Dave Osbourne