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Training and Operational histories of the Bomber, Fighter, Recon and Transport groups and squadrons
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Airfields used by the Eighth Air Force for training and operations in the US and UK
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Missions, maps, dates and photographs of targets of the Eighth Air Force
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View Eighth Air Force missions for a specific date

Today's Missions (24 Oct 1942-1945)

Date Name Description
October 24, 1942VIII FCDefensive sortie Details
October 24, 1943VIII BC 118Night leaflet operation to France Details
October 24, 1943VIII FC FO 166Support for 9AF B-26s Details
October 24, 1943VIII PRPhoto recon NW France Details
October 24, 1944Fighter-bomber opHannover / Kassell area Details
October 24, 1944Other OperationsPhoto recon; Radio countermeasures op Details